Studio Production


Music Production

Below are examples of projects I have been involved with as a recording engineer, mixing/mastering engineer, or producer. In a studio production environment either as an engineer or a creative producer, it is my philosophy to provide support and direction for the artist when needed, push for and capture the best performances, and remain open minded to new ideas and techniques.

Listening examples available upon request. If there is no example, the material has likely not been released.


Daddy’s Beemer

In November of 2018, I spent two hard pressed days in the studio with indie rock group Daddy’s Beemer in order to arrange and track two songs. For those two days not only did I serve as their recording engineer, but also as a co-producer, helping make decisions on song progression and instrument arrangement.

For the following two weeks I spent my free time outside of my studies editing, mixing, and producing the songs we had tracked. With a small amount of direction given for atmosphere and energy of the songs, I took some artistic liberties in order to create a final product that appropriately supported the emotion behind the songs. These two songs will be appearing on a 7” vinyl split with indie band Tom Angst in March of 2019.


Tom Angst

Along with Daddy’s Beemer, I also worked with indie rock band Tom Angst arranging and tracking two songs in two days. For the time spent with Tom Angst I served as a recording engineer and as a producer, conducting performances and pushing the musicians in order to get the best out of each performance. I also spent considerable time working with each musician and their instruments to achieve the best tonal quality possible before moving on to tracking the performances.

Once the tracking sessions were complete I began editing parts of the performances in Pro Tools in order to have the session most efficiently laid out for the outside mixing engineer that was hired to mix the songs. The two songs I tracked are a part of a 7” vinyl split with indie rock group Daddy’s Beemer and is expected to be released in March of 2019.



From November 2018 to February 2019 I worked alongside song writer Tayler Bucich in order to produce his debut solo project under the group name Wallpaper.

Tayler came to me in order to have a single from the album mastered for prerelease in November of 2018. After discussing my viewpoint on mastering as not only a final step in the editing process but also a way for me to provide mixing and recording feedback, Tayler decided to bring me aboard as a co-producer to the album as well as the mastering engineer. The project is expected to be released in February of 2019.


Monsoon Room

In the Spring of 2018 I spent an afternoon with local Clemson group, Monsoon Room, tracking their debut single, Housefire. The boys from Monsoon Room reached out to me with interest in filming the song live through WSBF Live Sessions. After setting up the Live Session I took it a step forward and suggested we record a studio version of the song as well, so that the group could have accessible music on streaming platforms for their fans. Tracking with the group was a blast and once I had done some light editing to the stems, tightening up some performances, they were off to be mixed and mastered.